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#10 of Our Top Stories of 2016: Tyson Says Chances of Intelligently Designed Universe "May Be Very High"

But of course he was referring to the odds that the universe is an artificial computer simulation by advanced aliens. David Klinghoffer
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Evolutionists Defend Scaremongering on Fake News "Petition"

Darwin's atheists brandished a "petition" to ban teaching evolution as evidence of what to anticipate under a Trump Administration. David Klinghoffer
Categories: Anti-Science News

Sea Turtles from Pre-Turtles? No Evidence of It

Nothing about sea turtles suggests evolution from a pre-turtle by unguided natural processes. Evolution News & Views
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Need a speaker?

As the only national organization that is wholly dedicated to defending the teaching of evolution and climate change in the public schools, NCSE is the perfect place to find someone to speak to your organization or university about issues relevant to evolution and climate education and attacks on either or both.

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Michael Zimmerman of Clergy Letter Project Joins Atheists in Making Hay from Dubious "Petition"

If the anti-evolution petition is phony, at it seems, what you properly do is either point that out, or ignore it. David Klinghoffer
Categories: Anti-Science News

Conundrum for Evolutionists: Shared Logic in Hair-Trigger Proteins

Diverse immune systems share common strategies, even between evolutionarily distant kingdoms: plants and animals. Evolution News & Views
Categories: Anti-Science News

Dover Decision Anniversary Today. Ho Hum. Zzzzzzzz. (Just Kidding.)

Most of us who operate in the media have come down with a case of it now and then: anniversary-itis. David Klinghoffer
Categories: Anti-Science News

NASA Versus David Coppedge: Most Reprehensible Case of Anti-Intelligent Design Persecution Yet?

It's a David against Goliath story, except that here, Goliath creamed David and walked away. David Klinghoffer
Categories: Anti-Science News

Fake News? Evolutionists Fall for Seemingly Phony Anti-Evolution "Petition"

Facebook promises to keep an eye out for "fake news." What would they make of this, do you think? David Klinghoffer
Categories: Anti-Science News

Walt Disney and Evolution: A Study in Ambiguity

Like many artists and intellectuals of his era, Walt Disney was smitten by the theory of evolution. John G. West
Categories: Anti-Science News

Best of Behe: Blind Evolution or Intelligent Design? An Address at the American Museum of Natural History

Let's begin with a sketch of the design argument. Michael Behe
Categories: Anti-Science News

What the Piltdown Hoax Tells Us, 104 Years Later

A curious anniversary falls this weekend. Michael Flannery
Categories: Anti-Science News

United Methodist Theologian Thomas Oden Understood the Importance of Intelligent Design

This year the United Methodist Church denied Discovery Institute's application simply to have a table with information about ID at their General Conference. Donald McLaughlin
Categories: Anti-Science News

In Supporting Discovery Institute This Christmas Season, Please Consider All That Hangs in the Balance

Scientists, media commentators, and clergy are fooling themselves when they reassure you it's perfectly plausible that "God used evolution." David Klinghoffer
Categories: Anti-Science News

London Guardian Acknowledges the Irony of Excluding ID Advocates from the Royal Society Meeting

Sociologist Steve Fuller's theme is what he calls "post-truth." David Klinghoffer
Categories: Anti-Science News

NASA on Trial: Persecution of David Coppedge Was a Preview of Creeping Totalitarianism

The point is to shut down discussion and intimidate dissenters without admitting that that is what you are doing. David Klinghoffer
Categories: Anti-Science News

A Flash of Insight About Physics, Reality, and DNA Launched Bruce Buff as a Novelist

It's a remarkable and telling thing about human creativity that ideas come to us so often not through a step-by-step process but in an instant. David Klinghoffer
Categories: Anti-Science News

For the Love of Humpback Whales

Here are some new findings about humpback whales, those gentle giants of the living waters that everyone adores. Evolution News & Views
Categories: Anti-Science News

Robert Marks: What Computers Will Never Do

Many Artificial Intelligence researchers wrongly believe that intelligence arises from the application of algorithms. Brendan Dixon
Categories: Anti-Science News
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