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Celithemis eponina

Panda's Thumb - Tue, 2016-04-26 21:01
Photograph by Robin Lee-Thorp. Photography contest, Honorable Mention. Celithemis eponina – Halloween pennant.... Matt Young
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Transhumanists Want to Be Gods

It is always fun to see what our resident technology-worshipping religious fanatics are up to. Wesley J. Smith
Categories: Anti-Science News

Neil deGrasse Tyson Says Chances of Intelligently Designed Universe "May Be Very High"

But of course he was referring to the odds that the universe is an artificial computer simulation by advanced aliens. David Klinghoffer
Categories: Anti-Science News

The Cicada Challenge to Darwinian Evolution

Emerging by the billions next month, this year's 17-year cicada brood offers ways to contrast evolutionary and design theories. Evolution News & Views
Categories: Anti-Science News

Tom Woodward and "DNA & Beyond"

The importance of the epigenome -- with its crucial role in gene expression -- is that it lies beyond the reach of the random genetic variation. Evolution News & Views
Categories: Anti-Science News

For Darwin Advocates, Wistar Conference Remains a Pain in the Master Narrative

Mathematicians told biologists, "It looks like the math is not going to cooperate" with evolutionary theory. David Klinghoffer
Categories: Anti-Science News

Human Language: Linguistic Ability by Saltation

Rather than being earned, linguistic capacity was given. Michael Denton
Categories: Anti-Science News

Wistar and DNA Day: A 50-Year Fuse Under Neo-Darwinism

The Wistar conference, which opened in Philadelphia on April 25, 1966, was the beginning of the end for neo-Darwinism. Evolution News & Views
Categories: Anti-Science News

New York City Council calls for climate change education

The New York City Council adopted Resolution 0375 on April 20, 2016, calling on the New York state department of education to include lessons on climate change in the curriculum of the state's public K-12 schools — and NCSE was cited.

Categories: Pro-Science News

Temperature Control: Too Hot, Too Cold, or Just Right?

The system that regulates our core temperature seems to naturally know how to get the job done. Howard Glicksman
Categories: Anti-Science News

Cope vs. Kansas State Board of Education loses on appeal

Panda's Thumb - Sat, 2016-04-23 10:47
NCSE informs us that the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals has rendered a decision in the appeal of Cope vs. Kansas, which we reported on here. Specifically, the Court of Appeals upheld the District Court’s earlier dismissal of the case, largely on the basis of standing. Additionally, NCSE notes, “Interestingly, though, the decision observes in a footnote that COPE’s suggestion for ‘teleological’ explanations to be added to the standards would be unconstitutional.” NCSE’s report on... Matt Young
Categories: Pro-Science News

Calculating the Maximum Number of Trials Evolution Could Have Performed

Countless people use the following rationale to justify saying there was no need for an intelligent designer behind life. Kirk Durston
Categories: Anti-Science News

Darwin's Finches: The Hype Continues

Every few years we are treated to glowing news stories about how Darwin's iconic finches are still evolving that, as usual, are full of hype. Jonathan Wells
Categories: Anti-Science News

Monarch Butterfly's Sun Compass Investigated in Flight Simulator

Researchers glimpse hints at the sun compass Monarch butterflies use for navigation, but many mysteries remain. Evolution News & Views
Categories: Anti-Science News

Intelligent Design Aside, from Templeton Foundation to the Royal Society, Darwinism Is Under Siege

As Templeton commits $8.7 million to an "evolution rethink," don't let anyone tell you the evolutionary paradigm isn't in serious turmoil. David Klinghoffer
Categories: Anti-Science News

How Likely Is a "Terminator" Future?

Celebrity scientist Michio Kaku is the latest to throw his support behind the "Terminator is coming" mantra. Brendan Dixon
Categories: Anti-Science News

Pioneering Neuroscientist Wilder Penfield: Why Don't We Have Intellectual Seizures?

Penfield began his career as a materialist, convinced that the mind was wholly a product of the brain. He finished as an emphatic dualist. Michael Egnor
Categories: Anti-Science News

Discovering Fire: How We Became Pyrophiles

With the approaching premiere of Fire-Maker, we asked Dr. Denton for his comments on a well-timed research article. Michael Denton
Categories: Anti-Science News

The Ark Park is hiring

Panda's Thumb - Thu, 2016-04-21 00:51
Answers in Genesis is advertising a whole slew of jobs, but you do not have to read very far between the lines to realize that the hirees will be “detailed” to the Ark Park, presumably because AIG, as a religious organization, is allowed to discriminate on the basis of religion. I do not know why they are bothering, because recently a Kentucky judge ruled, in effect, that it was legal for the Ark Park itself... Matt Young
Categories: Pro-Science News

The Diversity that Dare Not Speak Its Name

"Many universities are redoubling their efforts to diversify their faculties in response to last fall's wave of protests," says Georgetown's John Hasnas. David Klinghoffer
Categories: Anti-Science News
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