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Got Climate Change Misconceptions? John Cook Can Help.

John Cook knows a thing or two about climate change misconceptions and he’s on a mission to help teachers and students leverage those misconceptions into fruitful, engaging, evidence-based learning opportunities.

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"Controversial issues" legislation in Arizona

Arizona's House Bill 2002, which would prohibit teachers from taking a stand on "any side of a controversial issue," would apparently affect science education.

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Some Years Are Special—2018 Was One of Them

NCSE’s Executive Director Ann Reid looks back at the organization's accomplishments in 2018, and looks ahead to what’s coming in 2019.

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RNCSE 39:1 now on-line

NCSE is pleased to announce that the latest issue of Reports of the National Center for Science Education — volume 39, number 1 — is now available on-line. 

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NCSE's Reid on Perception Gaps

NCSE's executive director Ann Reid — and her dog Buster — appeared on the Christian Science Monitor's podcast Perception Gaps (December 17, 2018).

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Analysis of the Electoral College: A Performance-Driven Assessment

W.R. Elsberry's The Austringer - Mon, 2018-12-17 10:47
The Electoral College has not done the job it was intended to do, and was changed in the time since
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Watching Like A Hawk

W.R. Elsberry's The Austringer - Thu, 2018-12-13 23:01
It’s Michigan in December, and our sub-tropical Harris’ hawk, Rusty, can’t spend all her time in the outdoor mews. We
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Trouble on the horizon in Florida?

"Newly elected Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has appointed the members of his transition team for education — and on it are two people linked to efforts to weaken the teaching of evolution and climate change, among other topics," reports Education Week (December 7, 2018).

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Meet Our Teacher Ambassadors: John Mead

NCSE Teacher Ambassador John Mead sees evolution as the mortar that holds “the bricks of our biological world together” and wants to help fellow teachers improve the depth and breadth of their evolution teaching.

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Antiscience legislation in Oklahoma

Oklahoma's Senate Bill 14 (PDF), which would empower science denial in the classroom, was prefiled in the Oklahoma legislature.

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The latest poll on climate change

"An increasing number of Americans believe climate change is occurring, including a majority who now see this issue as a very serious problem," according to the latest Monmouth University Poll. "Scientists have long agreed that climate change is a very serious problem, and it is past time to take action. Now it is clear that a majority of Americans regardless of political party agree," commented Tony MacDonald, the director of the Urban Coast Institute at Monmouth University.

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Polling evolution in Canada

More than two thirds of Canadians think that human beings evolved from less advanced life forms over millions of years, according to a new poll — but less than half think that creationism should not be part of the public school curriculum.

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Help wanted: part-time spring intern

NCSE is seeking to hire a part-time spring intern to assist with the national launch of the Science Booster Club program.

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NCSE's Branch contemplates Epperson in Scientific American

Writing for Scientific American's blog (November 26, 2018), NCSE's deputy director Glenn Branch considered the progress in evolution education in the last half century, from the defeat of Scopes-era bans on teaching evolution through the series of attempts to "balance" evolution with a supposedly scientific alternative to the present day, when "the preferred strategy is now to belittle evolution, while remaining silent about any supposed alternatives."

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NCSE's Reid celebrates Epperson in the Los Angeles Times

Writing in the Los Angeles Times (November 18, 2018), NCSE's executive director Ann Reid celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the Supreme Court's ruling in Epperson v. Arkansas overturning bans on teaching evolution — but warned that "teaching evolution is still challenging in many communities in the United States."

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An Ice Cream Cone at the South Pole: Inoculation through Misconception-Based Learning

NCSE Director of Teacher Suppport Brad Hoge explains the rationale behind our misconceptions-based approach to climate and evolution education.

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Grab your popcorn!

New videos from NCSE!

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Good Post by David Frum? I Don’t Think So

W.R. Elsberry's The Austringer - Thu, 2018-11-08 03:54
David Frum, former speechwriter for George W. Bush, has an opinion piece in the Atlantic about how the various high-profile
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Looking Back with Epperson, Fifty Years Later

November 12 marks the 50th anniversary of Epperson v. Arkansas, the Supreme Court decision that overturned a state ban on evolution education and set a precedent for the unconstitutionality of similar laws.

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"Dueling Books Compete to Educate Kids on Climate Change"

A spate of scientifically accurate and pedagogically appropriate teaching materials about climate change is arriving, according to Frontline (November 2, 2018) — hopefully in time to stymie a new propaganda campaign rumored to be under way.

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