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"Feminist Glaciology": Here's a Peer-Reviewed Science Journal Article that Didn't Get Retracted

Want a bit of context for the story about the PLOS ONE paper that got pulled for extraneous references to "design" and a "Creator"? David Klinghoffer
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Science and the "Darkness of the West"

Writing in the London Times, Melanie Phillips is on fire with a righteous indignation at the "dark ages" into which science has fallen. David Klinghoffer
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Bill Nye's Philistine Materialism

Watch this video from Nye, answering a question from a college philosophy student on whether philosophy is a "meaningless" pursuit. David Klinghoffer
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Think You Can Design a Better Fruit Fly?

You can improve an insect's flight performance by changing its wing shape, but only at the cost of disrupting other systems. Evolution News & Views
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On Teaching the Evolution Controversy, Misconceptions from Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

There is ongoing debate over whether evolutionary mechanisms can explain life's diversity. Sarah Chaffee
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PLOS ONE "Creator" Scandal Enters Witch-hunt Territory

The Chinese editor of the paper by Chinese researchers is smeared for being an Evangelical Christian. David Klinghoffer
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Sorry, Animal Rights Activists -- Nature Reports on Meat's Importance for Brain Development

We are told that human beings are natural herbivores, which is a crock. Wesley J. Smith
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From a Biologist, Common Sense on That Censored PLOS ONE Paper

An awkward phrase is cause for being cast into the darkness with the rest of science's supposed enemies. David Klinghoffer
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Carl Zimmer to receive Gould award

Carl Zimmer

NCSE congratulates Carl Zimmer for winning the 2016 Stephen Jay Gould Prize from the Society for the Study of Evolution.

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Attack on science standards in West Virginia blunted?

At its March 7, 2016, meeting, West Virginia's Senate Education Committee revised House Bill 4014 to require only the review, not the repeal, of the recently adopted state science standards, according to the Charleston Gazette-Mail (March 7, 2016). 

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Congratulations to Bill Nye

NCSE is pleased to congratulate Bill Nye ("The Science Guy") for receiving the National NASA Space Grant Distinguished Service Award for 2016.

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Intelligent design makes it into Plos One

Panda's Thumb - Thu, 2016-03-03 05:31
We have just received an e-mail from one of the Panda’s Thumb crew to the effect that a paper “demonstrating” the intelligent design of the human hand has been published in the refereed journal Plos One. The paragraphs that caught the crew member’s attention are these: The explicit functional link indicates that the biomechanical characteristic of tendinous connective architecture between muscles and articulations is the proper design by the Creator to perform a multitude of... Matt Young
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Absorbing and Storing Energy: How the Body Controls Glucose

Just like a car needs energy, in the form of gasoline, to run properly, the body needs the energy in glucose to survive. Howard Glicksman
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The Tree of Life as a Challenge to Darwinism -- Denton on the Distinctness of Types

The several different meanings of "evolution" are like wild animals fighting under a blanket. David Klinghoffer
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From the Cambrian Explosion, a Remarkably Preserved Image of a Nervous System

Quite beautiful, isn't it? Like a dragon float from a Chinese New Year parade. David Klinghoffer
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Coming in April, Richard Weikart's The Death of Humanity Asks the "Why It Matters" Question

On a momentous, anxious day for our country, it's good to be summoned back to ultimate questions. David Klinghoffer
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Now Chimps Practice "Sacred Rituals"

It could be "symbolic," the tree could be "sacred," it could be "reminiscent of our own past," granting a peek into the evolution of human sacred practices. David Klinghoffer
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The Physics and Biology of Olfaction

Turning exterior molecules into signals in the brain involves numerous ingeniously designed mechanisms. Evolution News & Views
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RNCSE 36:1 now on-line

NCSE is pleased to announce that the latest issue of Reports of the National Center for Science Education is now available on-line. 

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Does the DI's latest Fund Raising Appeal Cross the Line?

Panda's Thumb - Tue, 2016-03-01 01:41
This was sent out by the Discovery Institute around a week ago. Note the bolded sentence. Dear {Insert name of email recipient here}: Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck, originator of modern quantum theories and 1918 winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics, was quoted as saying, “A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation... Dave Thomas
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