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Alluvial fan

Panda's Thumb - Tue, 2014-09-16 07:36
Alluvial fan created by the torrential rainfall 1 year ago, as seen from the Visitor Center, Trail Ridge Road, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, September, 2014. The meander at the bottom of the screen passes through the bed of Fan Lake, which was formed in 1982 when the Lawn Lake Dam burst and inundated the City of Estes Park.... Matt Young
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Pushing Back Against Human "Dignity Deniers"

Human dignity should not need defending. But Jefferson's "self-evident" truths are deemed so no longer. Wesley J. Smith
Categories: Anti-Science News

Now It's Whale Hips: Another Icon of Darwinian Evolution, Vestigial Structures, Takes a Hit

In the case presented by advocates of Darwinian evolution, vestigial organs are a star in the firmament, frequently and gloatingly pointed to. David Klinghoffer
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War on Humans: To Love and Care, or Kill?

Sometimes I think the new ethic is to put the very sick out of our misery. Wesley J. Smith
Categories: Anti-Science News

Leading Theistic Evolutionist Darrel Falk, Past BioLogos President, Praises Darwin's Doubt

Much to the credit of our friends at BioLogos, some spokesmen for the theistic evolutionary view have sought to engage in constructive dialogue with advocates of ID. David Klinghoffer
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You're Invited! More than 100 Churches and Other Groups Will Co-Host "Science and Faith" Simulcast on Sunday, September 21

Nearly a third of Christian young people think "churches are out of step with the scientific word we live in," and a quarter of them believe "Christianity is anti-science." Evolution News & Views
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Metaspriggina Revisited: Darwin Defender Strains at a Rabbit but Swallows a Camel

It's fun to watch PZ Myers dance around the implications of a vertebrate fish in the Cambrian. Evolution News & Views
Categories: Anti-Science News

Is Intelligent Design a Circular Argument? A Conversation with Atheist Activist Matt Dillahunty

Over the past weekend, I called into the Atheist Experience, a TV show based in Austin, Texas. Jonathan M.
Categories: Anti-Science News

Darwin's "Horrid Doubt": The Mind

While Darwin may have doubted the fully naturalized mind and felt horrid, most latter-day supporters believe and feel good. Denyse O'Leary
Categories: Anti-Science News

In Berlin, a Memorial to German Euthanasia Victims

Do you want to know what keeps me up at night? Wesley J. Smith
Categories: Anti-Science News

No! Really? Living Ediacarans?

Some unusual marine organisms don't seem to fit anywhere in the animal classification scheme. Evolution News & Views
Categories: Anti-Science News

What Shall We Call Our Transhumanist Future?

Members of the materialist religious denomination of futurists, often known as transhumanists, are having a bit of a tussle. Wesley J. Smith
Categories: Anti-Science News

Biology's Quiet Revolution

Huge unanswered questions remain, and they will only be answered by going beyond the discredited myth that "DNA makes RNA makes protein makes us." Jonathan Wells
Categories: Anti-Science News

Are Biologists Rejecting Neo-Darwinian Evolution?

Many examples could be cited where evolutionary biologists are specifically critiquing the core tenets of neo-Darwinism. Casey Luskin
Categories: Anti-Science News

Alternative Splicing: The Film Editor of the Genome

Combinatorial flexibility adds another level of complexity to an already super-complex genome. Evolution News & Views
Categories: Anti-Science News

Still Awaiting Engagement: A Reply to Robert Bishop on Darwin's Doubt

What matters is whether any of these theories can explain what needs to be explained: the origin of novel animal body plans and the biological information necessary to produce them. Paul Nelson
Categories: Anti-Science News

Proposed Texas textbooks distort climate change facts

"An examination of how proposed social studies textbooks for Texas public schools address climate change reveals distortions and bias that misrepresent the broad scientific consensus on the phenomenon," charged the Texas Freedom Network and the National Center for Science Education in a joint press release issued on September 15, 2014.

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JREF award for NCSE's Scott

Eugenie C. Scott

Eugenie C. Scott, the former executive director of NCSE and the present chair of its Advisory Council, received the James Randi Educational Foundation's Award for Skepticism in the Public Interest at The Amazing Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada, on July 12, 2014.

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Ohio's antiscience bill unimproved

Ohio's House Bill 597 is still a threat to the integrity of science education in the Buckeye State, NCSE's Glenn Branch told Ohio Public Radio (September 8, 2014). 

Categories: Pro-Science News

Wolfhart Pannenberg dies

The distinguished theologian Wolfhart Pannenberg died on September 5, 2014, at the age of 85, according to his former student Philip Clayton, posting at the Theoblogy blog (September 7, 2014).

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