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Congratulations to Duane Jeffery

Duane Jeffery, a former member of NCSE's board of directors, a member of its advisory council, and professor emeritus of biology at Brigham Young University, is to be honored with the National Science Teachers Association's Presidential Citation for 2018, according to a

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Respite in Florida

When the Florida legislature adjourned sine die on March 11, 2018, two pairs of bills that would, in their different ways, have undermined the integrity of science education in the Sunshine State died.

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Anti-NGSS bill in Iowa dies


Iowa's House File 2317, which if enacted would have reversed the state's adoption of the Next Generation Science Standards in 2005, died on February 16, 2018, when a deadline for bills to pass committee in their house of origin passed.

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John Sulston dies

The distinguished biologist John Sulston died on March 6, 2018, at the age of 75, according to the Guardian (March 9, 2018).

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NCSE's annual report for 2017

NCSE's annual report for 2017 is now available (PDF) on NCSE's website.

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The New Abnormal: On the Outs with the Trumps

W.R. Elsberry's The Austringer - Tue, 2018-02-27 23:30
An MSN news article relates the curious case of Ms. Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, friend (or perhaps former friend) of First
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Moving Window Averages and Ocean Acidification

W.R. Elsberry's The Austringer - Wed, 2018-02-21 17:28
There’s an interesting study on carbon dioxide effects on ecosystems. I’m trying to lay my hands on the full paper,
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Another Child Sex Criminal in the Trump Camp

W.R. Elsberry's The Austringer - Wed, 2018-02-21 06:18
It isn’t just campaign workers anymore. The “Trump.Dating” matching website (I am not making this up) previously featured a photo
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Hardware: The Phone Has a Problem

W.R. Elsberry's The Austringer - Wed, 2018-02-21 05:33
It took me a while to figure out that my LG G5 phone was changing shape. The unevenness in color
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The New Abnormal: School Shootings and Fire Alarms

W.R. Elsberry's The Austringer - Sun, 2018-02-18 18:30
Here’s what we have come to now. We need to have a cost-benefit analysis with Bayesian statistics to determine whether
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Eye Evolution: A Closer Look

In a previous article I described how theories of innovation provide insight into the limits of natural selection. Brian Miller
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A Son Realizes the Irrepressible Truth

I had just witnessed in action what Douglas Axe describes in his book Undeniable as the design intuition. Howard Glicksman
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With Fresh Funding, ENCODE Team Continues Demolition of "Junk DNA" Myth

NIH just funded five centers to explore what the "dark matter genome" (the non-protein-coding part) is doing. Evolution News & Views
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Happy Darwin Day! German Natural History Museum Is Our 2017 Censor of the Year

The often-heard assertion that a scientific "consensus" exists in favor of orthodox Darwinian theory is true only on the surface. David Klinghoffer
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With Darwin Day Coming Tomorrow, Here's Tom Bethell on Darwin's Deception

Many pastors, priests, and rabbis, have been captivated by the idea that they can have their cake and eat it too. David Klinghoffer
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"Revolutionary" Michael Behe Tours Florida

At the University of South Florida, the discussion period was "fantastic," and the time allotted had to be extended. Evolution News & Views
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The Truth about Soviet Science and Darwinian Evolution Isn't as Darwinists Would Like Us to Believe

As often happens, Darwinists have things exactly upside-down. Jonathan Wells
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German Paleontologist Günter Bechly Joins the Center for Science & Culture as a New Senior Fellow

A dismissive attitude to intelligent design cannot survive a sustained encounter with the best science and scholarship from the ID community. Evolution News & Views
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Is There a Limit to the Number of a Designer's Creative Acts?

"A Whiter Shade" is, in a real sense, a descendant of Bach's BWV 156, similar to an untold number of other songs that have borrowed from Bach. Walter Myers III
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In the Public Interest? ProPublica Misrepresents Intelligent Design and Discovery Institute Policy

Critical analysis does not entail any discussion of religion. Sarah Chaffee
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