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Intelligent Design Is a Protest Movement Against Homogenized Thought

Watch this parody of a TED talk. It's very funny, and true, but also suggests a more serious point. Evolution News & Views
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Is Genome Grammar Just a Figure of Speech?

A paper about DNA expression refers to its grammar and syntax. How far can we take the comparison to written text? Evolution News & Views
Categories: Anti-Science News

Why Should Evolutionary Biology Be So Different?

Joseph LeConte, professor of geology at the University of California, provides an insight into the way most scientists think about evolution. Granville Sewell
Categories: Anti-Science News

Liver Function and Its Effects

By using Tim's case, we will see what would have happened to our earliest ancestors without any one of them. Howard Glicksman
Categories: Anti-Science News

Richard Dawkins's Publisher Has a Cute Idea, but Biomorphs Appeal More as Nostalgia than Science

The biomorphs are "digital animals...grounded in 1970s assumptions," long outdated. David Klinghoffer
Categories: Anti-Science News

Monkeys Do Not Have a "Stone Age" Culture

It is amazing how some in the sciences are so desperate to knock humans off the pedestal of exceptionalism. Wesley J. Smith
Categories: Anti-Science News

Vincent Torley Thinks I Have Egg on My Face

I didn't expect to be honored by a 7500-word broadside by philosopher Dr. Vincent Torley, assisted by Dr. Josh Swamidass of Washington University. Ann Gauger
Categories: Anti-Science News

With Superbug's Arrival, Evolutionists Have a Mascot

On a new episode of ID Inquiry, biologist Ann Gauger responds to a question from a reader. David Klinghoffer
Categories: Anti-Science News

With Stunning Admission of Error, Scientific Name-Calling Suffers a Setback

The discourse of name-calling is a scourge of public life today, and it's only getting worse. David Klinghoffer
Categories: Anti-Science News

Universities Shouldn't Hire Evolution Dissenters, Says Intellectual Diversity Advocate

Nicholas Kristof groups dissent from evolution with racism. Sarah Chaffee
Categories: Anti-Science News

Objection to Intelligent Design -- Universe Is Too Big, with Too Much "Wasted Space"

Is it like going to the mall and looking for a pair of pants with the right waist and inseam measurements? David Klinghoffer
Categories: Anti-Science News

Meet Doug Axe and Celebrate the Publication of Undeniable, July 13 at Seattle's McCaw Hall!

Join us as we celebrate the release of a courageous and pioneering book that articulates a startling and original scientific vision. Evolution News & Views
Categories: Anti-Science News

A Design False Positive? Applying the Design Filter in Archaeology

A case of mistaking geology for intelligent design, with some nuance. Evolution News & Views
Categories: Anti-Science News

Chrysomela sp.

Panda's Thumb - Wed, 2016-06-08 05:35
Chrysomela sp. – leaf beetle. Thanks to a volunteer at BugGuide for the identification.... Matt Young
Categories: Pro-Science News

Medicine and Our "Perfect" Anatomy

What Diogo and Molnar seem to want is a metric with The Human Body as God Would (or Should) Have Made It at one end of the measuring stick. Evolution News & Views
Categories: Anti-Science News

Better Babies Through Evolution? Richard Weikart on the Siren Song of Transhumanism

The fact that all this is so far technological fantasy may be its lone saving grace. David Klinghoffer
Categories: Anti-Science News

Watson's Goof -- What We Should Really Fear from AI

It was a telling response, revealing the idiot inside the savant. Brendan Dixon
Categories: Anti-Science News

On Prebiotic Chemistry, Synthetic Chemist James Tour Urges an Admission of Ignorance

Taking aim at biologists who assume the matter of life from nonlife is well in hand, Tour sets out this way. David Klinghoffer
Categories: Anti-Science News

Foundational Question: Is Biology Engineering?

Look at the photo at the top of this post, and ask yourself: What's the best-engineered object in view? Steve Laufmann
Categories: Anti-Science News

Origin-of-Life Research: Start Over

Chemical evolution theories are so unsuccessful, it's time to go back to square one. So say two theorists in America's leading science journal. Evolution News & Views
Categories: Anti-Science News
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