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The Great Engineer in the Sky

Telic Thoughts - Thu, 2013-02-14 00:04

Interview with George Church in Der Spiegel.

"Yes, biology is complicated, but it's actually simpler than most other technologies we are dealing with. The reason is that we have received a great gift that biology has given to us. We can just take a little bit of DNA and stick it into a human stem cell, and all the rest of it is self-assembled. It just happens. It's as if a master engineer parked a spacecraft in our back yard with not so many manuals, but lots of goodies in it that are kind of self-explanatory. You pick up something and you pretty much know what it does after a little study."

Complicated in design, yet simple to use. A hallmark of great design.

Just like a master engineer from outer space…lol!

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Dawkins Loses Debate 324 v 136 Against Rowan Williams

Telic Thoughts - Tue, 2013-02-05 23:23

Here's the news and the video link.

Plus 85 abstentions. This took place at Cambridge with the votes coming from Cambridge students, who I imagine don't exactly comprise a population of devoted Christian belief. What's really interesting is that the topic was whether religion had a place in the 21st century – and defending "religion" strikes me as dicier than defending, say, the reasonableness of believing in God's existence, at least from a popular standpoint. As the 'nones' in the US show, plenty of people believe in God while apparently having a damn low view of religion.

More than that… c'mon. Dawkins and company got rolled by a group led up by Rowan Williams of all people? This wasn't exactly a presentation of the heavy guns of Christian thought, philosophy or apologetics.

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