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This Weekend in California, Paul Nelson Will Speak on the "God of the Gaps" Challenge and the Explanatory Superiority of Design

You've heard the objection: The theory of intelligent design is nothing but a "God of the Gaps" argument. Evolution News & Views
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Seattle, Philadelphia, Washington: Hear John West on "Scientism in the Age of Obama"

Political scientist Dr. West will be taking to the skies and roads next month. David Klinghoffer
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Totalitarian Temptation: Science and Culture in the Age of Obama

At BreakPoint Radio today, John Stonestreet has an excellent commentary, highlighting John West's new expanded edition of Darwin Day in America. David Klinghoffer
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To Explain the Origin of Animal Body Plans, Here's What May Be the Most Inadequate Proposal Yet

Take a sheet of rubber and pull the sides till it buckles in the middle. Presto! A vertebrate! Evolution News & Views
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Ask an Embryologist: Genomic Mosaicism

It's the organism controlling the DNA, not the DNA controlling the organism. Jonathan Wells
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Antiscience bill dies in Oklahoma

Oklahoma's Senate Bill 665 (PDF), which would, if enacted, have deprived administrators of the ability to prevent teachers from miseducating students about "scientific controversies," died in the Senate Education Committee on February 26, 2015, when a deadline for senate bills to pass committee expired. 

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Bill to unblock NGSS passes Wyoming legislature

The Wyoming House of Representatives and Senate have agreed on the wording of a bill that will allow the state board of education to adopt the Next Generation Science Standards, according to Wyoming Public Media (February 26, 2015).

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Darwin Day resolution in Pennsylvania

House Resolution 83, introduced in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives on February 26, 2015, would, if enacted, express the House's recognition of February 12, 2015, as Darwin Day in Pennsylvania.

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Antiscience bill dies in Indiana

Indiana's Senate Bill 562 died in the Senate Education and Career Development Committee on February 25, 2015, when the deadline for Senate bills to have their third reading in the Senate passed.

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Pygoscelis papua

Panda's Thumb - Mon, 2015-02-23 22:11
Photograph by Dan Phelps. Pygoscelis papua – gentoo penguin, Danco Island, Antarctica.... Matt Young
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Does Science Deserve Credit for Moral Progress?

From Michael Shermer, unadulterated scientism and moral myopia. Wesley J. Smith
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Looking at Nature with an Engineer's Eye

If intelligent design is a "science stopper," why do researchers continue to publish outstanding papers about "design principles" in nature? Evolution News & Views
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Hylomorphism as a Metaphysic for Intelligent Design Science

It likely seems strange to many people when they hear some contemporary Thomists critiquing intelligent design on various grounds. JT Bridges
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Shock: A Darwinian Biologist Notices that Evolution Is Irrelevant to Medical Research

Fairy tales about survival of survivors contribute nothing to that or any other research. Michael Egnor
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Climate Change and the Poor: Two Events, One Timely Topic, Next Week in Seattle

Come see a free screening of Blue, a provocative documentary that follows one young man's journey to challenge accepted orthodoxy in the area of the environment. Evolution News & Views
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What a Single Choice of Words Tells You: Walker Was "Very Accepting" in Science Class?

Time Magazine went and interviewed Governor Scott Walker's retired high school teacher. David Klinghoffer
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"Swarm" Science: Why the Myth of Artificial Intelligence Threatens Scientific Discovery

In the last year, two major well-funded efforts have launched in Europe and in the U.S. aimed at understanding the human brain using powerful and novel computational methods. Erik J. Larson
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New Mexico Science Museum Would Rather Sponsor No Darwin Day Events than a Balanced and Objective One

Suffice to say, this episode provides another illustration of how dogmatic Darwin advocates can be. Casey Luskin
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Help wanted: Summer interns

NCSE is seeking to hire two summer interns — one full-time, one part-time — to work on science education activism projects, with a particular focus on climate change education.

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Improving the Accuracy of Genomic Data

Panda's Thumb - Thu, 2015-02-19 20:23
Imagine that you want to analyze the 3.2 billion bases of the human genome. If you recruited every undergraduate student at ASU, all 70,000 of us, to type those data into a spreadsheet, it would still take about 13 hours. So you develop a computer program that analyzes the data for you. But then you find out that your huge data set amplified small errors in your algorithm and gave you the wrong answer. This... Emily Thompson
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