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Focus on People

The Antievolutionists

This category includes people with a history of denigrating Darwinian evolution or common descent.

Aardsma, Gerald

Agassiz, Louis


Baugh, Carl

Behe, Michael

Berlinski, David

Bethell, Tom

Bird, Wendell R.

Bliss, Richard


Bradley, Walter

Brannan, Jack

Brown, Walter

Bryan, William Jennings

Coffin, Harold G.

Conrad, Ed

Cummins, Andrew

Dembski, William A.
Mathematician, philosopher, and theologian. "Intelligent Design" proponent and originator of concept of "complex specified information". See what he - and his critics - have to say.

Denton, Michael


Gish, Duane Tolbert

Ham, Ken

Himmelfarb, Gertrude

Holden, Ted

Hovind, Kent

Hoyle, Sir Fred

Huse, Scott

Kennedy, D. James

Kenyon, Dean

Koons, Robert


Johnson, Phillip E.
The strategist of the "Intelligent Design" movement and promulgator of the "wedge".



Lester, Lane P.

Lubenow, Marvin

Macbeth, Norman

Menton, David N.

Meyer, Stephen

Morris, Henry Madison

Morris, John

Nelson, Paul

Parker, Gary

Price, George MacReady

Schutzenberger, Marcel-Paul


Senapathy, P.


Spetner, Lee

Stumper, Walt

Sutherland, Luther D.

Thomas, Julie

Tun, Lionel

Wells, John Corrigan "Jonathan" Wells
Another "Intelligent Design" proponent.

Wickramasinghe, Chandra

Wieland, Carl

Wilder-Smith, A.E.

Woodmorappe, John
Pen name of Jan Peczkis (as revealed in McIver).

Pages About Antievolution by Individuals

Wesley R. Elsberry

Jim Moore

Other Resources

Richard Harter's list of WWW home pages of t.o. regulars

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