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The Critic's Resource on AntiEvolution

Discovery Institute Center for Science and Culture

Rob Pennock on Antievolutionist Bad Behavior

Professor Robert T. Pennock of Michigan State University has an online opinion piece at US News and World Report. The topic? A response and rebuttal of various slurs against Pennock made in that venue by Discovery Institute spokesperson Casey Luskin, plus some very pertinent remarks about the unseemly and violent rhetoric being deployed by the religious antievolution movement.

Counting the Nobel laureates... Does it prove what the Discovery Institute says it does?

by Wesley R. Elsberry

The following essay was written in response to a Discovery Institute Center for the Renewal of Science and Culture critique of the PBS Evolution series back around 2000. The DI somehow thought that number of Nobel prizes awarded to any citizen, native or naturalized, in the USA speaks as an endorsement of K-12 education available in the post-Scopes trial period. Various erroneous claims of the DI are punctured.

The Discovery Institute Center for the Renewal of Science and Culture "Wedge" Document

In 1999, the Discovery Institute's Center for the Renewal of Science and Culture put together a brief fund-raising document outlining their purpose and plans in general terms for the following twenty years. They used a third-party copying center for duplication, and the person who was actually tasked with copying the document thought it looked of interest, and with a friend released the text to the Internet.

I have hosted the OCR of the text here, complete with original OCR errors, since that time. I'm pleased to be able to offer a PDF version now.

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