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The Critic's Resource on AntiEvolution

Adding Additional Forum Areas and Other Forum Configurations: Using Taxonomy

This site configuration comes with two pre-defined forum areas in the Forums section: General and Site help. To add, delete, or modify existing forums, use the categories configuration section and modify or create new "terms":

  • To add a term, choose the "add term" link in the row of the table marked forums. You need only give a term a name to make it functional.
  • To delete or change the name of a term, choose the "edit term" link beside the term.
  • Terms can also have text associated with them which will appear below the term, or forum, on the main Forums page. Simply edit the term and add your text to the Description text field

When CivicSpace displays the forums, it does so in alphabetical order for terms with the same weight. To change the ordering, edit a term and use the Weight feature. Lower numbers (negative) rise to the top. Higher numbers (positive) fall to the bottom of the display.

For a more detailed explanation of CivicSpace taxonomy, see the taxonomy page in the Drupal handbook.