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Doc Bill

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(Permalink) Posted: Dec. 03 2009,11:44   

Hey, we were having a nice bash fest here.

Who invited the nut-job?

Funny thing about the Disco Tute.  They desperately want to be recognized and legitimized but they don't want any accountability.

So, the film isn't THEIR film.  Nope, it was made by someone else.  The event isn't THEIR event.  Nope, the We're Right You're Wrong Federation booked the CSC.

But, somehow the DI is right in the middle of things dropping turds into the punchbowl.

It wasn't the AFA's press release that caused the problem.  No, it was Anika "the Tank" Smith's 'poorly worded' horn-tooting, DI-promoting, Smithsonian fame-whoring, ID-vertisement that screwed the pooch.

It's the AFA that should be steamed.  After all, they were doing the DI a big favor by hosting the event and the DI screwed them.  So much theater, I can hardly wait for the next act!

(actually, the pr has Crowther written all over it:  sloppy and sneaky.)

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