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Quote (Arden Chatfield @ June 14 2007,23:44)
Quote (blipey @ June 14 2007,23:08)

You actually ascertained that there's a difference between scotch bonnets and habaneros?

There is, technically, a difference.  There are insane people out there who think that habaneros aren't hot enough.  Actually, depending on flavor of dish I might be one of those people.

Anywho, scotch bonnets are the result of habaneros that have  been specially engineered to be hotter.  I believe they are about the 3rd hottest pepper around now.  The habanero species is not as hot a the bird pepper species: pequin, etc.

There are several varieties of habanero and bird peppers.

This little rascal is sposta be the hottest pepper in the world.

Jumping Jeebus on a pogo stick, that's hot.  That's twice as hot as anything I've ever put in my mouth...ack, I mean, uh...ooooh

But I get the trick question- there isn't any such thing as one molecule of water. -JoeG

And scientists rarely test theories. -Gary Gaulin

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