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Question: Updated: What's Your Educational Background? :: Total Votes:192
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PhD Science 59  [30.73%]
PhD Humanities 7  [3.65%]
BS/BA/Ma Science 80  [41.67%]
BS/BA/Ma Humanities 27  [14.06%]
High School 13  [6.77%]
Lots of Scientific American 2  [1.04%]
I Done Readed a Lot on the Internets 4  [2.08%]
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Thought Provoker

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(Permalink) Posted: April 17 2007,20:17   

Hi all,

Excuse me while I take some time to mope in my beer.
I just said goodbye to Telic Thoughts after about 6 months of posting there.

BTW, I have a BS Electrical Engineering with an MBA.  I put myself down for BS Science.

Don't get me wrong, as ID Proponents go, the TT bunch are pretty intelligent and most want to be open minded.  You see, I like to think I am pretty good at getting to the heart of issues and pointing them out (my engineering training).  I think I did a pretty good job.  I bent over backwards to put it in terms they could embrace by accepting all base ID assumptions (even Dembski's "math").  To no avail.  If it didn't support Theism it wasn't a "science" they could find acceptable.

I know better than argue with anyone about their faith, but I thought that maybe with a little open-mindedness and a firm declaration it's about science and not religion, that maybe, just maybe I could make a dent.

Oh well, pass me another beer, will ya?

Thought Provoker

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