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Question: Updated: What's Your Educational Background? :: Total Votes:192
Poll choices Votes Statistics
PhD Science 59  [30.73%]
PhD Humanities 7  [3.65%]
BS/BA/Ma Science 80  [41.67%]
BS/BA/Ma Humanities 27  [14.06%]
High School 13  [6.77%]
Lots of Scientific American 2  [1.04%]
I Done Readed a Lot on the Internets 4  [2.08%]
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(Permalink) Posted: April 17 2007,19:43   

I squished myself into Ph.D. humanities, which may have been a bit presumptuous:
It's actually a four-year anthropology degree, plus a three-year law degree (juris doctor, doncha know...).  
This seemed a bit more than an MA, but I'm quite sure it's a good deal less sweat than what goes into an anthro Ph.D., for example.  Or literature, sociology, art history, whatever.  (Though some of those folks would probably prefer the several extra years of school and fieldwork to the Socratic method...)
So my apologies to hard-grinding doctoral students everywhere for elbowing onto your turf.
And I do read a whole lot of Scientific American, Discover, The Loom, Pharyngula, etc., not to mention popular science books (and the occasional physics, bio, evo-devo college text).
Nothing wrong with that, of course.
But note the distinction, davetards of the world, between subscribing to Scientific american and reading for content.
And I'm still going to get around to reading the cool linguistics paper that Arden sent me a week or two ago.
As soon as I get my taxes done.

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