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The Critic's Resource on AntiEvolution provides concise and accurate information for those who wish to critically examine the antievolution movement.

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NCSE's Anj Petto on "Perpetual Notion Machine"

From the NCSE events page:
"NCSE board member and RNCSE editor Andrew J. Petto will be interviewed live on the Perpetual Notion Machine, a a science news show on WORT 89.9 FM Community Radio in Madison, Wisconsin. The show is locally produced and is aimed at making science more accessible to the general public. Be sure to tune in!"

Why I Fight Antievolution, and Why You Should, Too

I've been involved in online discussions of evolution and SciCre since the mid-80's in various fora. I'm a longtime participant on (since 1992), and the founder of the FidoNet Evolution Echo. I've contributed to the TalkOrigins Archive and am the current president of the TalkOrigins Foundation.

My major motivation in participation has been the issue of whether we will continue to teach science and only science in the science classroom.

In 1986, I attended a lecture given on YEC by a geologist. Not having much familiarity with geology, many of his arguments sounded not just plausible, but conclusive. After the lecture, I talked with the speaker, who gave me a copy of Henry Morris' "The Scientific Case for Creation". As I read that book, I started highlighting things that were pretty obviously contrafactual. I think that there are perhaps five pages total without highlighter in the book now. I also learned that many if not most of the arguments given by the original lecturer were also bogus. This helped spur me to investigate the topic further and get involved in the discussions.