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The Critic's Resource on AntiEvolution

Comments: Adding to the Discussion

This module allows users to post responses to other posts. Through administer you can configure what types of comments are accepted: anonymous, anonymous requiring an email address, or registered users only. You can also configure permissions for types of users (authenticated, administrative, or anonymous) so that comments written by the respective types of users enter an approval queue before they are published or are automatically published. Comments in the approval queue must be manually accepted and published by a site administrator. Comments are also searchable. Comments can be viewed seperate from their posts for easy editing and deleting.

Comments can be configured to control:

  • list display options
  • chronological display options
  • number of comments displayed for each post
  • placement in relation to the post
  • anonymous poster settings
  • comment subject fields
  • comment previews
  • location of comment submission form