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(Permalink) Posted: Dec. 06 2005,23:02   

EVOLUTION shows facts, not circular arguments
Purdue Exponent - USA
.. is a theory backed by many facts, instead of the circular argument
of "Wow, life is really complex and it must be an Intelligent Design!"
Evolution is a ...
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SENATOR wants policy change on intelligent design
Anderson Independent Mail (subscription) - Anderson,SC,USA
.. President George W. Bush added fuel to the evolution education fire
in August when he proposed teaching evolution and intelligent design.
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INTELLIGENT design theory not a science, evolution and God ...
Ripon College Days - Ripon,WI,USA
.. is it clear that you can be both a rational "knower" of evolution and
a believer in God, without the need for an artificial substitute like
intelligent design. ...

INTELLIGENT Design shows religious bias
Purdue Exponent - USA
.. 18 Exponent, a different writer's letter was for Intelligent Design.
.. I'm complaining that he didn't study Biology and doesn't believe in
Evolution or Divine ...

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