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Wesley R. Elsberry

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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 08 2006,06:51   


In the districts with declared winners, so far Ohio voters have selected pro-science candidates in two out of three of those races. In those two districts, too, one sees lopsided results: Tom Sawyer beat Deborah Owens-Fink with 54% to 29% of the vote, and G.R. "Sam" Schloemer beat John Hritz with 67% to 33% of the vote. Not even close.

It is especially gratifying to see Owens-Fink removed, as she was a major part of the antievolution push in Ohio, threatening Ohio governor Robert Taft if the "critical analysis" 'compromise' language was not supported by the governor in 2002:


After the election, Ross warned Hicks that board member Fink was livid over an 11 thhour attempt to strip from the standards her compromise allowing for critical analysis, replacing it with the teaching of evolution only.

"Her message is that board member Marlene Jennings called her stating that she now had nine votes and hopes to have 10 or 11 by the board meeting in Dec. to go back to "evolution only" no compromise. Fink says that if the compromise was a pre-election setup, she worked day and night before and she will do so again and bring the state down on the board and it will look very bad for the gov bait and switch etc.

Later, Owens-Fink acted as if her politicking had not happened:


"Nothing has evolved in this debate," she said. "Our science standards are some of the best in the nation. The notion that there was behind-the-scenes anything" is false.

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I got to cast my vote for Schloemer. It felt good.

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Tom Sawyer beat Deborah Owens-Fink with 54% to 29% of the vote, and G.R. "Sam" Schloemer beat John Hritz with 67% to 33% of the vote. Not even close.
This is truly remarkable. Last Ohio BoE election it was the very rare, unusually well-informed voter who was even aware BoE candidates were even on the ballot the hour before they pulled the lever. That kind of cluelessness, of course, is a huge advantage for the incumbent, and I'm pretty sure Owens-Fink took that for granted.

For the incumbent to lose by this kind of margin is nothing short of spectacular, and completely reverses the political logic of 5 years ago, which was that it would be a big mistake for science-friendly activists to make ID/creationism an issue, because (a) few voters would care about such arcana, and (b) when an incumbent like Owens-Fink reaped the rewards of voter apathy/inertia/cluelessness, she could claim it as a vindication for ID/creationism.

No more. I suspect ID/creationism was front & center in the minds of a majority of 71% of voters who opted not to be represented by Ms. Owens-Fink for another 4-year round of international embarrassment.

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