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(Permalink) Posted: Feb. 07 2006,06:43   

Chris Mooney links to this Salon article describing the anti-relativity fringe. It's no wonder that some Disco Instituters are also relativity deniers (cough cough Jay Richards cough), it's a similar strain of quackiness.

salon article


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That article by Jay Richards was one of the funniest that has ever come out of the DI.  So, if anyone wants to read it, here it is:


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Theres 2 or 3 of them on a forum I go to, they've had multiple dozen page threads where they repeatedly fail to grasp the concept of relativity and lack of absolute measurement.  They dont however bother me too much, because they are not very rich and powerful, are not as far as I know trying to get into schools, and generally are unlikely to go and burn down a physics lab.  (Mind you, hate mail is bad enough)

I like the dismantling of the accusation that Einstein fudges his figures for Mercurys perhelion.  

I sometimes think that what we need is a cranks research university, with a grant attached, so that the cranks can argue amongst each other about what experiments can be done to prove their theory is correct.  That is certainly one of the similarities between them and ID'ers, that all they have to do is prove the old theory wrong, hardly ever do they have anything better to replace it with.

Stephen Elliott

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Somewhat related. The Milky Way could be bigger than Andromeda.

A slightly better argument than we get from the DI.

Julie Stahlhut

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I remember a wonderful, perhaps apocryphal story of an eminent physicist who got two letters in the same week from people who claimed they'd invented perpetual motion machines.  As the story goes, the physicist sent each one a similar letter, explaining that he wasn't an authority on perpetual motion machines, but knew someone who might be of more help.  He then gave each of the two cranks the address of the other.


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