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Dick Hoppe replies to an invidious comparison:

Science another way of knowing the creation
By Richard B. Hoppe

Roth claims that the theory of evolution is an integral part of "... atheism, communism, Nazism, secular humanism, and the New- age movement." Any idea can be perverted for evil ends. That does not tell us about the idea, it tells us about how humans can pervert ideas. Should we also mention the use of the Bible, especially Leviticus, in support of slavery in the 19th century as another example of how humans can pervert an idea? And Lysenko's views of organic change, which dominated Soviet biology for 30 years, was exactly the opposite of the theory of evolution - it denied the theory of evolution! Roth could at least get the historical facts right.

And a creationist goes for a Darwinian Hat-Trick of Evil:

Creation-Evolution Headlines, May 2004:

Janet Browne and other historians have pointed out how Charles Darwin’s views fit neatly into the 19th century political climate of British imperialism.  Herbert Spencer (originator of the term “survival of the fittest”) told Andrew Carnegie that his cutthroat capitalism was a normal and natural outworking of the laws of nature.  Karl Marx felt that Darwinism provided the scientific justification for his communist views.  Whether Nazism, communism, or laissez-faire capitalism, each view that promoted ruthless competition and survival of the fittest used The Origin of Species as a scientific justification.

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