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Here is a fantastic recent example from your friend and mine, Jonathan Wells.

There You Go Again:
A Response to Kenneth R. Miller
Jonathan Wells
Discovery Institute
April 9, 2002


The believers in Darwinian evolution who currently dominate our educational establishment think that all students--even those headed for careers in auto mechanics or real estate--should believe, as they do, that all of us are descended from ape-like creatures through genetic accidents and survival of the fittest.

Promoters of this doctrine have recently been urging the Ohio State School Board to adopt science standards that would require all high school graduates to memorize Darwinian theory without questioning it, and without being exposed to any of the mounting evidence against it. To help in this campaign, the promoters enlisted the support of Brown University biology professor Kenneth R. Miller, who represented them before the Board on March 11.

Miller is not a disinterested scientific expert. As the co-author of an introductory biology textbook that has been purchased for use in the Ohio public school system, he has a substantial personal stake in the controversy. In 2000, I published a book, Icons of Evolution, criticizing the way biology textbooks--including Millerís--systematically distort the scientific evidence to provide support for Darwinís theory. In his appearance before the Ohio State School Board, Miller attempted to respond to some of my criticisms.

In his eagerness to defend Darwinian orthodoxy, however, Miller bungled the attempt.

It takes a rather amazing amount of gall for Wells to accuse Ken Miller of not being a "disinterested scientific expert" because of Miller's interest in his textbook, when Wells obviously has (at the very least) a similar level of interest in his own book Icons.

Also interesting in the above quote is how Wells appears to (now) be denying the common descent of humans and apes, whereas if you read Icons of Evolution carefully one finds quotes like (paraphrase) "it is clear that the human species has a history".  AFAICT Wells actually does believe in some kind of guided evolution (i.e. he disagrees only with the "genetic accidents and survival of the fittest" bit), that's probably what he would say about the first sentence if pressed, but it is interesting how he managed not to distinguish his view from the special creationist view.

Returning to the fold under pressure, perhaps...

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