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The Ghost of Paley

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Have any of you YEC trackers followed this guy, Marshall Hall?   Check out his website I especially like this pearl of wisdom:
Qualified and able Creationist/Geocentrists around the world are speaking out on the two facts that ICR (and AIG) are steadfastly resisting, viz., The Bible teaches a moving sun, not a moving earth; &: Both the heliocentricity and the geocentricity models explain all the phenomena. Thus, support of heliocentricity is a philosophical, not a scientific, choice, & not fit for Biblical Creationists.  
Point that out when our more urbane pseudointellectual anti-intellectual friends(e.g. Discovery Institute) use the same "philosophical bias" gambit.

Amen and Amen. All conclusions about the world are ultimately derived from philosophical presuppositions. Evolutionists start with the assumption that the autonomous human mind is capable of coming to accurate conclusions. However, since the human mind is fallible; this is false. Ergo, evolutionists have no basis at all to ground any knowledge claims. Christians start with the Bible as a guide to knowledge. The Bible makes it possible to ground knowledge claims.

I can hear the screaming demands to prove the reliabiility of the Bible now. This however, misses the point. Autonomous human reason can not prove the truth of the Bible more than it can prove the truth of evolution or anything else. It must be accepted as an ultimate presupposition in order to prove anything at all.

Any reasonably careful reading of the Bible makes it clear that Geocentricity is the correct view of the issue. Hence, geocentricity has been proven. If you want to use autonomous human reason to settle the question, it will be just one opinion against another

Dey can't 'andle my riddim.

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