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Scott Beach

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You wrote, "They won't own up to your statement of their position."  If they will not acknowledge what is obviously a correct statement of the intelligent design hypothesis, and present data that verifies the hypothesis, then they have absolutely no business representing ID as a "scientific theory."

The Intelligent Design Network asserts that, "The theory of intelligent design (ID) holds that certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause rather than an undirected process such as natural selection" ( ).  This so-called theory has the opinion "best" embedded in it.  Stated in this manner, intelligent design cannot be a scientific theory because a scientific theory cannot contain the theoretician's personal opinion.  A theoretician can hold the opinion that his theory is the best possible explanation but he cannot put his opinion directly into the statement of his theory.  

The intelligent design hypothesis that I formulated does not contain my opinion or anyone else's opinion.  And that hypothesis has not been verified so it cannot be referred to as a theory.

At this time, there is no theory of intelligent design.  The intelligent design "theory" is a hoax, a propaganda ploy.  None of the proponents of intelligent design has ever stated intelligent design in the form of hypothesis or presented data that verifies such a hypothesis.  So if they make reference to "the theory of intelligent design" as thou that theory actually exists then they are doing so for the purpose of deception.

I stated intelligent design in the form of a scientific hypothesis for the purpose of demonstrating that intelligent design is not a theory but is at most an unverified hypothesis.  Someone needed to do that and I did it.  From that point forward, anyone who represents intelligent design to be a "theory" is lying.  And if they lie to you, nail them and refer them to my web page about the intelligent design hypothesis.  Please use that web page as a tool to stop the proponents of ID from lying about the scientific status of ID.

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