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Greetings Wesley,

    What you point out is exactly things that need to be resolved in ID's presentation of CSI.

    I have claimed as you can see, CSI can emerge from an algorithmically constrained process in a thermodynamically open system being pumped by random inputs.  I do not believe CSI can emerge without an algorithmic process somewhere or intelligence in the pipeline (be it the laws of physics like in a snowflake or whatever).

    We in ID are hurting ourselves by not addressing what you have brought up.  I believe CSI cannot emerge apart from an algorithmically constraining influence or intelligence.  Your definition is worth exploring on that count.  Whether algorithms can spontaneously be implemented is where much of ID differs from ideas of undirected abiogenesis.

I think your critiques should be respected and answered.  Again, thank you for soliciting my thoughts.

With your permission, I'd like to reference this thread on the ARN board and the ISCID board.

With much respect,

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