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charlie d

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(Permalink) Posted: June 27 2003,09:32   

"In acknowledgements to their paper, Nilsson & Pelger thank E. J. Warrant for help with their computations; in the acknowledgements to *their* paper, Warrant & McIntyre thank Mr. Nilsson for critically reading what they have written.

Schnapps all around, I am sure."
That's bizarre, to say the least.  Is a scientist, according to Berlinski, not supposed to search advice and collaboration from other experts in the field whose work parallels, and has significant implications for one's own?

I think the fact that Warrant helped Nilsson with his computations actually ensures that Nilsson interpreted the original equations correctly (unlike, probably, Berlinski: I wonder whether he asked for advice from experts regarding his interpretation of the relevant equations, or whether he took a crash course in optics before writing his reply - most likely, neither).

Besides, the tight and openly acknowledged collaboration between Warrant, Nilsson etc also precludes that they may have served as official reviewers for each other's papers, which should give Berlinski some comfort regarding the fairness of the papers' peer review process.  

Once again, the ability of ID advocates to pontificate about areas of which they have no expertise at all, and do so straightfacedly and proudly, is nothing short of amazing.

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