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As Commentary has once again indulged Berlinski's meanderings around evolutionary theory (they never appear to run out of purple ink for his prose), I am starting a thread to discuss him, accumulate links, etc., perhaps eventually have a FAQ.

Eye-evolution specific, or general picking of nits, as there are many to pick with Berlinski and he sure loves doing it to the Darwinists...

First, background links on Berlinski and his writings:

  • In the ID-files section of AE.
  • The Discovery Institute bio and articles list.

    Recent articles under discussion:
  • Has Darwin Met His Match? David Berlinski, Commentary, December 1, 2002
    (Berlinski on ID and evolution; full-text must be purchased, but his section on the eye is hosted by the DI under The Vexing Eye)

  • The many letters in response to Berlinski were originally online here at Commentary's website but now are not (although you can purchase them here). However, we do have:

  • The subset of responses from DI fellows
  • Some of the critics' responses online at Talk.Reason

    And then:
  • A Scientific Scandal
    (Commentary.  April 1, 2003: On the 1994 paper by Nilsson and Pelger on eye evolution, and the usage thereof.  Online at the DI with a few typos and weirdly-formatted equations)

    Older articles:
  • Keeping an Eye on Evolution
    (Berlinski reviews Dawkins Climbing Mount Improbable and comments on eye evolution at length) (also hosted by the DI)

    And the famous:
  • The Deniable Darwin
  • Denying Darwin: David Berlinski and Critics

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