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skeptic griggsy

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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 25 2007,14:06   

Gee,Emanuel, you sure like to be silly here as well at ST.Louis Skeptics! Galton was not responsible for Nazi eugenics.That was irrational as are your diatribes.
   Evolution does not lead to despair and moral turpitude.
   Remember how many of your kind get caught for moral turpitude?
   If such as you would read such as Lenny Flank honestly,you would fathom evolution instead of showing your inanity.
   This is valid name-calling as you do not provoke useful discussion whatsoever!
   Show where Kenny Flank is in error! Show where other evolutionists here are in error and @ Talk Origins.
    Now why think that liberal mothers would want to change the sexual orientation of their children as we are getting to be more tolerant of differences! I suppose that genectics are the key factor,but it is a non sequitur to think that mothers will want to change the orientation. Nor do I see homosexuals wanting homosexual children.
  One expects such blather from reactionaries! It,by the way ,would strengthen marriage by letting homosexuals marry each other.
 I conducted an imginary situation in thinking about being a bisexual. I can see why others might espouse our being so. I   don't find homosexuality or bisexuality terrible.It would just be mere taste to think so!
   We should work to encourage people to be their better selves.

Fr. Griggs rests in his Socratic ignorance and humble naturalism. Logic is the bane of theists.

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