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Occam's Aftershave

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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 15 2015,20:12   

Quote (Otangelo @ Nov. 15 2015,18:18)
Quote (Occam's Aftershave @ Nov. 15 2015,14:48)
 their "Designer" is their omnipotent God who literally could produce anything.
Of course not.

Then describe for us the powers and limitations of your Designer.  Tell us what discoveries would falsify the claim "A Designer did it".

Furthermore, precisely the opposite of what evolution predicts, ID does. That is :

Why do those things fall out of your ID claims when you admit you have no idea how a Designer would do things?  If we saw the exact opposite you'd claim the Designer did it too.

But where in our experience do things like language, complex and specified information, programming code, or machines come from? They have one and only one known source: intelligence.

Making analogies between human designed things and terms with naturally occurring objects isn't evidence for ID. Creationist FAIL.

"Science is what got us to the humble place we’re at, and what hard-won progress we might realize comes from science, with ID completely flaccid, religious apologetics bitching from the sidelines." - Eigenstate at UD

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