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Jerry Don Bauer

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(Permalink) Posted: Dec. 03 2012,14:10   

Quote (JohnW @ Dec. 03 2012,11:50)
Quote (Jerry Don Bauer @ Dec. 03 2012,09:45)
Jerry in your idea, species poof into existence, they don't evolve from ancestral lines!

It's true that they don't evolve from ancestral lines, but there is no poofing involved. I know that they were designed.

Lawn Mowers are designed too by design engineers, do you think they ALSO just poof into existence? If you do, we have some discussions awaiting us... :)

This could be interesting, Jerry.  You're the first creationist to claim to have details of the species-manufacturing process.  

If there was no poofing involved, how was it done?  A factory?

Really? Maybe on here, but most surely not in many circles. But let's discourse on this for a bit since you asked.

Let's start at the bottom rung so to speak...How do chemicals come into existence?

I learned much from chemical engineer, Edward J. Maginn, University of Notre Dame, on this subject and often borrow heavily from his work and his teachings:

A read of his papers and some of his class notes gave me an understanding of how molecular design is understood by design engineers. Maginn states throughout his teachings that the understanding of chemical/molecular design hinges on reductionism--the microscopics of design explain the macroscopics of the final product.

If I were to build a complete football stadium out of lego blocks and wanted to explain to another how I did it, I would pass over explaining the structure itself and hone in on the microstates ...forget the stadium and look at each little lego block and determine how it is placed, because, once again, the microscopics are going to determine the macroscopic.

So here is what we know about chemical and molecular synthesis......It, as well as everything else, begins with quantum mechanics as it's ultimate microstate....particles...

Of course, in the field of QM, research goes on. In fact, we are just NOW beginning to understand that science with any sense of insight...but this much we know....EVERYTHING that IS begins HERE in it's ultimate microstate.....

So if this is the there a methodology that we can grasp to suggest that INTELLIGENCE might control these microstates and the outcome of them which will dictate a final macrostate?

If intelligence DID control the formation of these microstates, it could certainly explain how life was was created by that intelligence.

And so I introduce quantum entaglement at this point. What is it?

Read a bit then let me give it to you in a nutshell:

When partcles...electrons, photons etc are created at the same time, by the same system, they tend to become entangled. But what does this mean?

It means that if I take two of these entangled particles to study, something weird happens...anything I do to one affects the other.

I could keep one on earth and send the other to mars. Then if I did something to the one on earth...say...change it's spin or momentum, the one on mars will also be affected. No one know HOW or WHY...but we know that's the way it is....research continues.

But were not ALL the particles in this universe created at the same time by the same system? Yes, that system is called the big bang.

And haven't I said that I also believe the Creator to be quantum mechanics....particles? Yes.....then I can logically draw a conclusion.....That creator can begin to manipulate quantum mechanics, the building blocks of life simply by manipulating itself because it is entangled with ALL in the universe. This would be done without labs or ever even lifting a test tube...

I believe it did so...and the steps of that synthesis are recorded in the fossil record.

First came simple cells, then clusters of cells, then more complex organisms and finally the ultimate product: homo sapiens with fine minds that make us doctors, lawyers and engineers.

I call that manipulator can call it anything you wish....

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