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Henry J

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A lot of words.??None of them appear to answer my question: How do you get from "I've written some software which mimics certain aspects of animal behaviour" to "Therefore, molecules are intelligent"?

You're still just trying to get out of having to know what you are talking about.

If you have a better model and theory to explain "intelligent cause" then present it. Otherwise, your question is scientifically irrelevant.

What? That sounds like you're saying that it's irrelevant whether the presenter of a model can show that their model has anything to do with the actual phenomena that it's supposed to model.

Or, if the assertion of molecular intelligence isn't important, then stop inserting that claim in places in which it isn't relevant.

Or, if the assertion of molecular intelligence is somehow important, then explain what the heck that assertion is supposed to mean? How does that concept help chemists better understand the reactions of molecules with other molecules? (Which as I understand it is something that chemists already have a good grasp of.)


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