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Quote (Sealawr @ Nov. 16 2012,20:05)
Quote (GaryGaulin @ Nov. 16 2012,17:20)
I'll try to explain it another way.


This theory does not meet expectations because of it not having been considered that a Theory of Intelligent Design would have to come from a place like Planet Source Code where what is most important is the source code, perfect grammar optional.


Only makes sense it would not come from somewhere you're not used to, that you here need to be to really get around in the science being pioneered. It's here not just the opinion of the community that I am showing it's where the theory is from where it's not at all a new thing that out of the blue arrived there, the Intelligence Generator did well too.

Hopefully that better translates why meeting expectations that the theory must be judged by its peer-reviewed lab journal published results is rather pointless. It becomes a way of making it seem like it's a crime for not instead having brought lab results to someone just being pompous.

Yes. †Thank you. †That clarifies things immensely.

I now understand what we are dealing with.

Itís hard to tell whether youíre being serious or not. But in this case there was an Intelligence Generator in great need of better explained text for its Theory Of Operation, that took on a life of its own after having to explain the modeling of intelligent causation events, and other things that are only possible with this model.

Even though that is just how the science works out, by any other title Iím accused of dishonestly slipping the theory in under radar. Where I title it Theory of Intelligent Design Iím condemned for calling it what it honestly became.

What I got stuck in the middle of made it clearly obvious that science went to hell via arm-chair philosophy that can stop any politically inconvenient scientific theory. Constantly being expected to perform religious miracles is only indication of how disgracefully messed up things actually are. Scientific theory is no longer explaining how something works using scientific models, itís a question and answer religious tribunal where scientific models cannot be accepted.

Even though itís what you might consider a stick in the mud place Planet Source Code is here at the aid of science, at a time when ones who were supposed to be helping settle this scientific issue were scientifically useless. Sorry for having to be as honest as I possibly can.

The theory of intelligent design holds that certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause, not an undirected process such as natural selection.

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