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Quote (Freddie @ Nov. 02 2012,17:26)
Quote (GaryGaulin @ Nov. 02 2012,17:18)
And in case the last link did not work on your PC here is the same with less resolution:


Actually, it has exactly the same resolution (dots per inch) as in this case the resolution is a property of the display you are using to view the image.  It may, however, have a lower image quality than before, depending upon how much additional compression you used for the second image.  But being a coder you'd know all about that.

Yes, and after clicking to the reply to see how it looks outside the preview window the full resolution png file was not there anymore.  It came back though, after posting the jpg.  Now I'm stuck with two, but at least none should have a problem finding the math/logic that was demanded to be presented here.

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