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Jerry Don Bauer

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[quote=RumraketR,Nov. 20 2012,14:32][/quote]
Hello everyone, I've been a lurker here for a few years now and I just have to respond because this could be historical stuff.

Welcome...I do tend to bring em out of the back bleachers...*wink*

I want to make sure I understand you correctly here, Jerry Don Bauer, because according to what I have quoted, you seem to be saying that the quantity of information in a string of symbols is equal to the length of the string divided by the number of possible symbols at each locus? As in the information content is measured in bits and is thus proportional to the length of the sequence?

No...not quite right. While I'm comfortable discussing information theory and often do (and we may get there), I haven't really up to this point other than a brief mention of bits courtesy of Claude Shannon.

We are discussing Complex Specified Information and what makes certain information complex, or not and/or specified or not.

This has little to do with the length of anything or the amount of loci it harbors.

You refer to the example of a 6 billion base-pair diploid genome, divided by the number of possibilities pr site (4):

610^9 base pairs/diploid genome x 1 byte/4 base pairs = 1.510^9 bytes or 1.5 Gigabytes, about 2 CDs worth of space!

In other words, the information content of a sequence of DNA, for example 12 base-pairs in length, AUGAATAUGTTA, is equal to 12 base pairs x 1 byte/4 base pairs = 3 bytes.

Am I correct in my understanding here?

You are referring to a link I referrenced. The purpose of that link was to show that even a genome contains much more information than the 500 bits upper probability boundary. Therefore, an entire organism most certainly would be over 500 bits and therefore CSI.....

That was all I was pointing out.....I certainly did not want to get into genomic entropy and the like at this point.

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