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Jerry Don Bauer

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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 19 2012,12:55   

Quote (Henry J @ Nov. 19 2012,11:49)
But the only way something can be mathematically impossible is for that to be proven as a theorem in a formal mathematical system (i.e., based on axioms).

But before doing that, one has to show that the physical phenomena is actually equivalent to the formal mathematical system.

But that would require first actually defining CSI in a meaningful manner, rather than as a political slogan used only for propaganda.


Borel's law, which was a well accepted tenet of chemistry long before whoever you believe the "evil, science twisting; propagandists" that you think exist, came along, would beg to disagree with you concerning the math.

And why do you have trouble defining CSI? It is a well defined concept of modern ID thought.... is it information that calculates out above the upper probability bound? Is it specified information? Then, if it is both complex and specified it is therefore CSI.....

This too is just a take off of Borel's law that all of us who major in science tend to run across at some point as an undergrad.

It's actually not that complicated to comprehend.

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