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In my experience in debating in Italian forums, all the detard events I witnessed were by lurkers or people who posted very few times and I was aware of them only because they PM me, thanking me and asking me to go on.

I think it has to do with how strongly you were tarded, the more fundamentalist the more likely it is that when you de-tard you won't admit it to anyone (and sometimes not even themselves). I'm willing to bet that there are many tards out there that know perfectly well how things went, but are surrounded so they keep up the lie or just ignore the issue. So you won't get any feedback from these guys.

Further I bet many tards think that admitting to the de-tard event is equivalent to refuting their entire faith (which is a lot bigger than just accepting evolution). I think it's important to note that should science be wrong about evolution it would mean new science, new theories, new discoveries and generally happy scientists. Should science be right (and we know it is) it means the collapse of a faith, culture and way of life for many fundamentalists.

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