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Quote (Soapy Sam @ Sep. 29 2012,15:07)
Interesting - did you take your convictions online? (I'm not looking for links!).

No, I detarded long before I got my first Internet connection.  It's a shame.  I think the Internet would have sped up the process significantly.

BTW My vote, should anyone care, for pending de-tard is Sal Cordova.

Yeah, I can imagine that happening.  He'll still be a douche, though.

My vote is for vjtorley.  He's smart enough to know, at some level, how lame the pro-tard arguments are.  On the other hand, he also uses his intelligence to fool himself via rationalizations.  The resulting high levels of cognitive dissonance are building up in him like the stress on a thrust fault.  When the fault finally gives, he'll be one of those rare birds who detard overnight.

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