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Erasmus, FCD

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(Permalink) Posted: Sep. 27 2012,21:53   

Quote (Lou FCD @ Sep. 27 2012,20:31)
It would be interesting to be able to check up on all the past UDidiots, the ones that have gone missing. I wonder if any of them have detarded and slunk away in embarrassment at ever having been sucked into that mess.

i suppose in my model de-tarding comes with admitting it out loud.  and i suppose that i think de-tarding is more or less inevitable for some people and more or less impossible for some people (part of the reason why i think internetting the tard has little or no effect on how many people de-tard)

there may be folks who have de-tarded who have bounced from these hallowed walls of these hallowed halls, but none have returned to mention it.

and i think that they would. because you would, and everyone else would.  if you've been here at all then you appreciate that sort of thing.

i don't think it really happens.  but i want to be wrong!

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