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Thursday, September the 13th.

BYDAND! BYDAND and once again BYDAND.

Constable Delroy is an example of the evo-mat corruption, Alinsky-style that confucius warned us about from his cave. He's been programmed by that subversive ideology that let's him think that "moral relativism" and parental choice provides better morality than that of the Lord working through the Kiros Focus initiative.

1 ==>When is it ever INAPPROPRIATE to spread the word?

2==>When is it ever INAPPROPRIATE to blinker impressionable young minds from this ephemeral existence and show them the truth?

3==>When is it ever INAPPROPRIATE to force my views on bad parents (I've not met them, but we are all born sinners).?

And what in goodness' name is a "reacharound"? I shall google with Mister Leathers tonight.

This just highlights why the state has no business in one of the churches' main roles, indoctrinating kids with the truth. Freedom to think for themselves can only end in them disagreeing with me. Even the ones that read the bible don't understand it like *I* understand it, which is CORRECTLY.

I have started work with our education liaison (also me) to come up with a plan for this constitutional crisis.

1==> change Montserrat from British overseas territory to Theocracy

2==> Establish Religious laws based on bible, this dairy plus my other works

3==> Establish "Guantanamo style re-education centers" [working title] I'm still in the design phase, using not-to-scale MS paint.

SHIT SHIT I've got to run, Mrs KF is here and I haven't done the dishes. update later.

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