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Quote (J-Dog @ Mar. 16 2012,15:23)
I found a pole to Phrangulate...On the front page of MSN.

It's tied as of when I post this.

I get so pissy when polls are not correctly constructed.

The options MUST be non-overlapping.

I agree that the have the right to share their opinions.  I also agree that if they are aggressive about it to the point of harassment, then the employer should step in to prevent that.

Of, polls are specifically constructed this way by biased individuals.  With just a little thinking you can even tell which way their bias runs just by reading the responses.

Do you think abortion should be made illegal?
Of course, all children should be allowed to live and explore their lives.
No, kill all the stupid embryos and crush their remains to dust.


Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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