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Tracy P. Hamilton

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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 09 2012,12:10   

Quote (Dr.GH @ Mar. 09 2012,11:53)
Quote (sparc @ Mar. 08 2012,20:43)
Does anybody know Jonathan D.H. Smith from Iowa State University? According to his web pages (link) he contributed to BI:NP
Hierarchical information theory and the modeling of biological systems, pp. 419-512 in "Biological Information: New Perspectives" (eds. R.J. Marks II et al.), Springer Intelligent Systems Reference Library, Berlin, 2012.

He even provides a link to a copy of the article.

I just scanned it, and it looked OK.

Dr. GH, without your comment I would not have looked, assuming it was the usual IDiocy.

I wonder what he thought of the YEC papers at the "conference".

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