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Erasmus, FCD

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(Permalink) Posted: Dec. 16 2011,07:23   

Quote (Wesley R. Elsberry @ Dec. 15 2011,21:52)
Quote (Cubist @ Dec. 15 2011,19:53)
I'd be willing to bet a substantial amount of cash that Southstar's IDiot buddies have not yet gotten around to defining what the heck they mean when they say "novel genetic material". So I have a suggestion for Southstar: Post a message which says something like I've asked the IDiots to define 'novel genetic material', to explain how the heck they can distinguish between 'novel' genetic material and non-'novel' genetic material, and so far, they got nothing. So for all that anybody can tell, the IDiot verbiage about 'novel genetic material' is meaningless babble. Therefore, in all future posts when I'm replying to an IDiot post that mentions 'novel genetic material', I'm going to change 'novel genetic material' to 'zibbleblorf genetic material', to throw a spotlight on the fact that the IDiots haven't yet bothered to explain what the heck they mean by 'novel genetic material'. I will of course be glad to stop replacing 'novel' with 'zibbleblorf' just as soon as the IDiots do get around to defining what the heck they mean when they talk about 'novel genetic material', but until then, I'm using a nonsense pseudo-word to replace an undefined term.

May I suggest gzorply muffnordled genetic information?

(Also used here.)

very nice, i would have not guessed howard van till had such a sense of humor.  i suppose to stand as an island of reason in that sea of foolishness one must maintain high spirits!

"3 views" really has been an influential book among my more literate family members, makes for an interesting metanarrative at family get togethers (pigeonholing exercise)

You're obviously illiterate as hell. Peach, bro.-FtK

Finding something hard to believe based on the evidence, is science.-JoeG

the odds of getting some loathsome taint are low-- Gordon E Mullings Manjack Heights Montserrat

I work on molecular systems with pathway charts and such.-Giggles

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