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remind them of the definition of evolution

evolution = change in allele frequency in a population.  

Aphids never had an allele for venom, now they do.  Infinite increase in allele frequency.  Evolution.

It really is that simple.

Ask them where the new function came from if it was not an increase in information and function.  Of course, they have to define information and function, remind them that they have not done so in a rigorous way (I don't even have to read the threads to know that they have not done so).

You absolutely must remind them, in every single post, that they are not doing science.  They are attacking something that they do not fully understand.  They are not producing any level of detail about their notions.  They are not allowing anyone to attack their notions (because they keep changing and/or are undefined).  There is no research on their notions at all.

Remind them that this is all a game.  No amount of argument on any forum anywhere in the world will actually accomplish anything to support their notions.  

I've, dozens of times, offered to help ID proponents create testable hypotheses and attempt to find research that would support those hypotheses.  I've offered dozens of opportunities for them to make predictions based on their notions.  Not a single one has ever taken me up on those offers.

Until they do... they are just babbling.  There is no science and it's purely a mental exercise for you.

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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