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Tracy P. Hamilton

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[quote=Southstar,Dec. 08 2011,08:12]
Quote (qetzal @ Dec. 07 2011,21:03)

The main tactic is as follows:
They do not argue that these mutations don't exist and they do not argue that microchanges are natural but just that  99% of these are loss of function and the 1% is mostly deleterious, the remaining slice is positive, but it's so little and so rare that it isn't enough to drive evolution. Therefore evolution is false. They do not (at this moment) indicate that there is a designer anywhere along the line but simply that the theory is a hoax.


Since most mutations are neutral, it is hard to cram that probability in between the alleged 99% loss of function and 1% mostly deleterious.  They don't know enough about how genotype affects phenotype to have a sensible conversation.

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