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Quote (Southstar @ Nov. 24 2011,07:19)
Most people think that science is against god and religion, this idea is fostered by the ringleaders. I try to show people that this is not the case and that the ring leaders use science when it suits them.

The thing is, those ringleaders are right: Science is against religion. Science is religion's greatest, most deadly enemy... but not because science actively tries to destroy religion. Rather, what science does to religion is far more cruel and lethal than even the most intransigently hostile opposition:
Science ignores religion.
You may be thinking, if science ignores religion, what's all the fuss about? The answer is that religion cannot afford to be ignored; in order to thrive, religion must be at the center of everything, must be at the center of all spotlights. So when science shows how things work, and gets results, and keeps on showing how things work, and keeps on getting results, all without paying religion any attention at all, for good or ill...
...when science does all that and keeps on doing all that, year in and year out, decade in and decade out, century in and century out... makes religion unimportant. Trivial. Irrelevant.
And religious believers know it. Religions can die when the last adherent is slaughtered -- but they're just as dead when people stop caring about them. By coming up with usable, religion-free explanations for things, science shows that Not Caring About Religion is a viable option. And since religions have, by and large, lost their former power to torture and kill unbelievers... Not Caring About Religion is an option more and more people are choosing. And this state of affairs is flatly intolerable, in the eyes of someone whose whole life, nay, whose entire existence has always revolved around their religion.
That's what the reality-based section of the populace is up against. And that's why Creationists are so friggin' resistant to correction and learning.

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