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Hi everyone,

I came accross this study

Should we then assume that life must have originated elsewhere?


Go to my blog

and click on the abiogenesis link in the right hand column under 'categories'.

I enjoy studying abiogenesis and there are literally 100s of new articles published every year.  I've got many links, reviews, etc.

One thing about abiogenesis, it is simple to falsify.  All someone has to do is show that a required chemical reaction cannot happen.  In the 40+ years abiogenesis research has been going on, no one has been able to say, 'x reaction cannot happen therefore abiogenesis is impossible'.

There's a fair bit of research indicating that comets have a high level of organic compounds and it very well might be that a comet strike dumped a couple of tons of concentrated organic chemicals which got life on Earth really cooking.  We will never know how it happened.

The fact that we can know it is possible and that it did happen and there is nothing (so far) that requires divine intervention is enough.

Ah HA! I say Ah HA!

You could also see my Short Outline of the Origin of Life because it is short.

It is also in need of updating.

"Science is the horse that pulls the cart of philosophy."


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