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Your DOI isn't found.  

Without the article, then I can't help too much, but I can say a few general things.

The mutation rates in different parts of the genome vary wildly.  For example, the membrane proteins in mitochondria would rarely mutate, because any mutation that changed the function would probably kill the organism.

On the other hand, the mutation rate in the immune system, at certain times, is exceptionally high, while the system randomly tries to find a way to latch onto your latest flu.

So, I would take any of these kinds of studies with a serious grain of salt.  What genes were they studying?

One thing to remember when arguing with creationists is not to get into the trap of answering every single detail that they bring up.  You will run into something no one knows about yet and then they will say "Yeah, see".

What you also need to do is demand that they provide the same level of detail that they demand of you for their own notions.

For example, in terms of genetics, you could ask exactly how (i.e. what mechanism did the designer use) to create the 673 HLA-A alleles from a maximum of 10 alleles (Noah, his wife, and the daughter-in-laws) in less than 6000 years.  That would require a mutation rate so high that the entire population would be one big tumor.

Of course, they will explain it away with magic, but the more you require them to explain things away with magic, the more that others will see its really not an explanation.

The point is, don't let them set the pace.  Evolution is a very, very powerful tool and it simply works.  Industry uses principles of evolution to make a profit... not creationism.  Businesses from financial markets to factories use evolutionary principles every day... not creationist principles.  Evolutionary principles have developed processes and products that humans could not have, even (in at least one case) a product that humans still don't know how it actually works... yet it does.  (Neatly avoiding the potential attack of 'frontloading'.)

Evolution is used to predict where to find cancer treatments and improve agriculture.  Evolutionary principles have saved millions of lives.  Creationism has not (at least in any actual double blind studies).

They can say all they want, it doesn't change reality.  

Hope that helps.

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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