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Quote (Richardthughes @ Nov. 20 2012,13:31)
Quote (Kattarina98 @ Nov. 20 2012,06:35)
Arrington's thread about theodicy didn't quite develop the way he intended; it's all about eternity and the speed of light and near death experience. A tard fight might be budding.

And Joe is now a Christian Muslim Hindu Buddhist:
FYI I happen to share your PoV wrt reincarnation (and chakras and kundalini). And yes I say that pyramids are antennas that can focus energy.
I am OK with reincarnation because 1) I doubt and omni-deity would allow us to suffer for eternity for what we did in a blink of an eye- relatively speaking. IOW I say we get other chances to learn and “get it right” and 2) It may not be possible to do what we have to do in one life.

Edited to add moar tard

"And yes I say that pyramids are antennas that can focus energy."

BWAHAHAHA(snip for breath)HA

Well then sooperjeenyus should be able to calculate the resonant frequency(s) of said pyramidantenna and hence just what energy it is that is being focussed.  

Maybe it's Dr3's infinite wavelength thingamabob!!!!11!!!binaryseven!!!

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