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Quote (CeilingCat @ Nov. 09 2012,01:57)
Having looked at VJ's latest screed (on a PC, not an iPad), I have to note approvingly that it has pictures of a butterfly, an artist's impression of the multiverse (or the Jovian system four and a half billion years ago - it's so hard to tell), a protein, a Scrabble™ board, a highly idealized picture of a flagellum, a highly idealized picture of a type III secretion system, a highly idealized to the point where it's completely blank picture of Ron Numbers, a fossil trilobite, a highly idealized drawing of whale evolution (attributed to "Johnathan M. and Uncommon Descent" with no clue to where he stole it from), a beaver shot (SFW), a humpbacked whale breaching (possibly from the sheer joy of being a highly evolved product of evolution), a Least Weasel along with a semi-latched reprint from a Douglas Axe article attacking a real scientist's paper, a panda that is either eating a piece of bamboo or possibly playing it like a flute (you laugh, but with God, all things are possible) and a fossil "Maiacetus, a whale in the Protocetid family."

And then another 4,056 further words of text.  Don't try to tell me this is not a Major ID Article!

That was simply stunning.

I've got a mixture of vague thoughts right now. Amazement that they think posting busted, wrongly-premised calculations on a blog, for the millionth time, will somehow overthrow modern science.

Some kind of sad feeling that these nitwits were doing such worthless junk decades ago, and will be doing the same decades from now, while real science figures out such neat new stuff every year.

And boredom, because the ID community's not even entertaining anymore, the dead-enders who are left are just too pathetic.

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