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Inside Ann Gauger's lab: YouTube video shows it all! And we are still no stinking apes!
"Is There Enough Time For Humans to Have Evolved From Apes? Dr. Ann Gauger Answers"

Second comment by a hugely relieved Joe Coder:
Not a biologist/paleontologist, but one reason I have doubts with using the fossil record being used to support evolution is that of signal vs noise. Take the wolf and tasmanian wolf, which supposedly diverged 130m years ago from some rat-like therian. Give evolution, the fossils on the left would be more closely related to bats, giraffes, humans, and whales than to its twin on the right. This is a recurring theme among placentals and marsupials.

Sometimes I even wonder if ichthyosaur (reptile, air breathing, live birth, warm blooded, and at the right time) could serve as a link between sharks and cetaceans if somebody ever needed one.

And Joe weighs in:  
Also no one knows just how genetically different we are from chimps wd400- no one has ever done a complete side-by-side comparison of the two genomes.

It took me all of 30 seconds to find a paper by Cheng, Ventura, et al. who seem to have done just that.
Joe, there is something called Google. You might like to try it sometime.

Barry Arrington is a bitch.

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