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markf continues pwning UD:
However, your point is interesting. It seems you are suggesting that the ID argument is:

“known non-design alternatives for life are wrong therefore life was designed”

I think this is a good summary of the ID argument but do you really support it? I have spent hours hearing from people on the ID side protesting that this is not the case. They claim there is positive evidence for design as well as evidence against “Darwinism”.

Barry "Free Speech For Me But Not For Thee" Arrington helpfully points Mark to ID's positive claims, including:
1.  Living things display IC and FSCI.

2.  Material forces have never been shown to produce IC and FSCI.

3.  Intelligent agents routinely produce IC and FSCI.

4.  Therefore, based on the evidence that we have in front of us, the best explanation for the presence of IC and FSCI in living things is that they are the result of acts of an intelligent agent.

So, Barry, how about some examples of how to calculate this FSCI thing you're on about?  You could start with these four scenarios.

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